The Clear Square Response

Has your education model turned on its head due to COVID-19?

Are all the plans and programs you painstakingly strategized and implemented thrown up in the air?

As school leaders, you need to be on steady ground so you can lead your staff to educate your students.

We are here to help.

Remote learning is nothing new to the consultants at ClearSquare Group. We’ve been vetting distance learning options for unique educational situations since 2004. We recommend the following distance learning resources for meaningful and engaging learning during the current pandemic crisis.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique customized learning options, coaching and professional development we will help find the solution!

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Here’s a fabulous online curriculum – very versatile to be aligned per each schools scope and sequence.  Plus it has printed options available


A great online platform that can be used now at home and then for a flipped classroom once school is back in session

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