Turn to ClearSquare Group for outside expertise on effective, results-oriented school management.

ClearSquare consultants are former school administrators
with a track record of delivering full-scale education services to students in a fiscally sustainable manner.

School Consulting Services

Management Consulting Aimed at Your Bottom Line

Turn to ClearSquare Group for Highly Focused Consulting Services

Align it all with your mission to educate.

Create a clear, consistent rubric framework for handling tough decisions.

Steer academic improvement with student and teacher data.

Sharpen school leaders’ communication skills.

Motivate and empower staff with meaningful and effective communications that keep your mission in sight and rumors at bay.

Develop strategies for managing conflicting demands from parents, teachers, students, boards, state, community and others.

Take charge of high stakes meetings such as audits and site visits.

Mission Driven Solutions In:


Operations Management

Fiscal Management

School Compliance Management

School and Special Education Administration

Business Development


We survey businesses, articulate clear goals, and filter out distractions that don’t support those goals. Then we look at all parts of the business operations to make sure they are funneled toward accomplishing short and long term objectives.


ClearSquare Group Principal Consultant, Yocheved Belsky has a background in school leadership and administration. She believes that in all areas of business, well-articulated goals are paramount. Her successes stem from emphasis on maximizing and synchronizing all resources and aligning them to the corporate mission.


  • Charter school board president
    Our school passed all of our state and federal audits as a result of Clear Square’s compliance expertise and planning.  
    Charter school board president
  • Special education consultant
    Clear Square Group’s consultant supported the school in staying updated and well trained in every area of   special education compliance.  
    Special education consultant
  • Education management organization
    Clear Square consultants guided us to a workable and productive solution when school leaders ran into conflict.
    Education management organization
  • School principal
    Clear Square consultants set up efficient operating systems that enabled our school’s business office to meet our growing needs.
    School principal
  • Charter school treasurer
    In just one year, Clear Square consultants renegotiated every one of our school’s provider contracts, helped us clear our deficit and achieve financial wellbeing.
    Charter school treasurer
  • Private school board president
    Our staff responded to the Clear Square consultant with forthright feedback, something they held back from supervisors and school leaders. The result was an honest overview of what we were doing well and what needed improvement.
    Private school board president
  • Mobile app developer
    Clear Square gave us a deeper understanding of school funding and operations so that were able to tweak our product and our sales pitch to win schools and districts as clients.
    Mobile app developer
  • Education service provider
    Using Clear Square’s strategies, we were able to attract the school district’s attention, and ultimately secure their contract.
    Education service provider

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